A cute white and turquoise combination I found, perfect for spring! image

10.5.14 1287


Mossy Summer/Spring drain. 

10.5.14 324


Other Variations: Green, Red

10.5.14 276


Girly shirt designs

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Troublemakers Hyuna & Hyunseung Leopard Print Outfits

as seen in their first Troublemaker MV! the skin tone in the QR is darker than the one in the above picture because i realized it was too light. just change it according to your own skin tone! 

thanks to sundaestay for being my hyuna model <3 

also, never do leopard print in a qr design if you don’t wan to drive yourself insane. it is the absolute worst.

8.5.14 64

8.5.14 1551


A grumpy Marshal and Brewster at a bakery. :D

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Girly shirt designs

8.5.14 1271


So I was trying to find a new water design for paths in my town, but I couldn’t find one that I liked, so I made one and decided to share it! This is my first design ever, and it’s still a WIP as it’s missing the top left and right connectors. In any case, enjoy!

8.5.14 3274

softy footprint